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PC refreshes to resume later this month

To all AITRs:

VITA, Iron Bow will resume personal computer (PC) refresh this month.


PC refreshes will resume later this month using the existing process. A written overview of the PC refresh process and a spreadsheet for first quarter 2019 eligible PCs will be posted on the VITA PC Refresh SharePoint site by tomorrow, Jan. 18. 


Agencies should perform a review and validation of the information in the spreadsheets as they have in the past. Iron Bow is the end-user support (EUS) service provider in our multisupplier model. They will contact agencies to schedule refreshes based on the existing refresh eligibility dates in the configuration management database (CMDB).


VITA has authorized five devices be offered to customers for new orders and PC refreshes between now and July 1. These devices fit into the current fiscal year 2019 rates in effect until July 1. A description of these devices can be found in the attached FAQ document.


If an agency requires a device outside of the approved list, a request for solution in the new service portal is required.


Please see the attachment for additional FAQs related to PC refresh and the available PC options.


VITA and Iron Bow will introduce a new PC refresh process in the first half of this year. This new process will eliminate the need for spreadsheets and improve visibility into the refresh process. VITA also will introduce a new, full suite of available PCs (approximately 25 choices) to coincide with the start of the new fiscal year. These additional PC choices will be posted to the service catalog during the second quarter.   


We ask that each agency prepare for the refresh so the process is smooth.