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Optional Keystone Edge reporting class

To all AITRs and ISOs:


Optional Keystone Edge reporting class is available for AITRs and ISOs

As you know, the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) has successfully moved to a multisupplier information technology (IT) infrastructure environment. This multisourced environment will provide for improved services and opportunities for new, agile and transparent services that better meet the needs of agencies. This new environment is designed to provide innovative solutions that evolve with agency needs. As services evolve, VITA will continue to provide training opportunities to ensure you are well positioned to use these services.      

VITA is providing an optional Keystone Edge reporting class. This two-hour class will include hands-on activities and a questions-and-answers session with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) reporting subject matter experts. The class will cover:

  • Roles and process for working with the SAIC reporting team and the specific support they can provide
  • Detailed guidance on building homepages, reports and dashboards

Pre-requisite for this class:  You must have previously attended an introductory Keystone Edge class; this reporting class will not review basic Keystone Edge navigation or functionality. 

Recommended next steps for you

If you would like to attend this optional Keystone Edge reporting class, please click here to view the schedule and register. In-person attendance is highly encouraged if you are in the Richmond area; a virtual WebEx also is available if needed. Once you register, you will receive communications directly from with logistics information.

Additional support

If you have questions about the sign-up process, please contact the Keystone Edge training team at

Please reference this informational website where you can view course materials, videos and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).