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MSI services pilot at VITA postponed

To All AITRs:


VITA is committed to improving how we manage our suppliers in the new era of the commonwealth's information technology (IT) strategy. The new infrastructure delivery model will produce a number of benefits for agencies. It requires diligent supplier management and governance by VITA, which is accountable for service quality for agencies. We take that commitment seriously.


After an intense review of operational readiness and contractual requirements, VITA has asked the multisourcing service integrator (MSI) to improve the quality of some deliverables and the readiness of some critical systems for the first major commencement date, which was Oct. 1. As a result, VITA did not pilot the new portal and service catalog as scheduled Oct. 1. A new date will be determined.


VITA's review determined:

  • VSM integration is not an optimal path for agencies.
    • Northrop Grumman's legacy service desk tool, known as VSM, is too old (nine versions out of date) to integrate with the MSI toolset.
    • The initial plan called for parallel use of VSM while piloting Keystone Edge.
    • A more effective approach calls for a full cutover to Keystone Edge at a date to be determined. 
  • The Service Management Manual (SMM) is not ready for transition.
    • The SMM is one of the most critical operating documents as it defines how suppliers deliver services to agencies.
    • Some processes for some modules are not ready and more time is needed to finalize governance, complete acceptance testing and approve go live.

VITA will continue working hand-in-hand with the MSI on these and other contractual deliverables with urgency to fully realize the value of this additional time. We remain committed to our goals and view this current decision as a step in a process that will ensure VITA delivers the right outcomes for agencies and for the commonwealth.