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VITA on track to implement multisupplier environment, key dates set

Sent by the CIO of the Commonwealth:

To Agency Heads and AITRs,


The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) has been working over the last three years toward the goal of transitioning from a single-supplier, long-term contract for information technology (IT) infrastructure services to a multisupplier environment with shorter contract terms -- the next generation of IT for executive branch agencies. We recently adjusted the phasing for launching this new model based on a number of factors, and I would like to share progress and what the changes look like for agencies.

A consultant’s report in late 2015 recommended VITA take four specific steps to prepare our agency to meet the future IT needs of the commonwealth. As we prepare to launch the multisourcing environment on Dec. 15, it is important to note that we have nearly completed all four recommended steps: 
ü  VITA should start now to disentangle services from the Comprehensive Infrastructure Agreement (CIA) -- VITA immediately began to develop a new path and ended services provided by Northrop Grumman under the CIA on Aug. 18 this year.
ü  The commonwealth should adopt a multisupplier model with a service integrator through a competitive bid -- VITA conducted a competitive procurement following state regulations and engaged Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) to serve as the multisourcing service integrator (MSI). SAIC began providing all infrastructure services with VITA oversight and governance when the CIA was terminated; SAIC takes over as MSI on Dec. 15.
ü  VITA should create a platform relationship office (PRO) to manage the new services delivery model -- The PRO was developed and launched, and it will fully support the model on Dec 15.
ü  VITA should lead the implementation of a new governance model that increases agency involvement -- VITA established the commonwealth IT infrastructure management and governance (CIIMG) structure and forums that include agencies now in various stages of development.


VITA is on track to do what we set out to do!


We began the official transition to our new model on Aug. 18 when we launched the transition assistance program (TAP) and contracted with SAIC to operate IT infrastructure services while we prepared for the new technology, processes and suppliers. On Oct. 18, we began live implementation of the new model -- SAIC put the organizational structure and people in place to begin its preparation for the transition.


There are three key dates coming up that will impact you and your agencies.

·     Nov. 9: The VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC) will transition to the Keystone Edge tool, which enables best-in-class IT service management, enhanced reporting and increased transparency

·     Dec. 15: TAP ends and VITA begins the agency launch of the new VITA service portal and VITA service catalog using Keystone Edge, and integration of all suppliers into the new model around initial set of five core processes

·     March 1:  Full launch of the multisupplier model offering agencies access to modern services with all new processes in place

Transitioning to this new model has been a long journey for VITA and agencies served by VITA. We have experienced challenges, and we have more details we will need to work through together before we can fully launch these new services. However, the framework now is in place for us to build an agile, transparent IT infrastructure that provides for service improvements and offers opportunities for new services.  

I expect things will move very quickly in the weeks ahead. We will continue to provide you with updates as we move toward these key dates. Thank you for your continued support and flexibility.

Nelson Moe