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IT infrastructure services update

To all AITRs:


            IT infrastructure services update


Significant progress has been made over the last month in the IT infrastructure services program (ITISP). VITA awarded the last two multisourcing environment contracts: end-user and managed print services. Additionally, VITA shifted the structure of the program to deliver functionality in phases: one will occur Nov. 9 when 20 agencies, including VITA, and the VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC), move to Keystone Edge for service desk functions. During November, agencies will hear much more information about training and the launch of various services.


Here’s the latest information:


Final contracts awarded


The two final contracts needed for the multisourcing environment, end-user services and managed print, were awarded and the project kickoffs were conducted. Managed print was awarded to Xerox and end-user services was awarded to Iron Bow Technologies.


Multisourcing service integrator (MSI) milestones shift


Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) was not able to launch the full multisourcing service environment on Oct. 1 as a result of infrastructure and deliverable challenges. The delivery of new services now will be broken into milestone dates, including: 


·         Nov. 9: The VCCC will transition to the Keystone Edge tool, which enables best-in-class IT service management, enhanced reporting and increased transparency

·         Dec. 15: The transition assistance program ends and VITA begins the agency launch of the new VITA service portal and VITA service catalog using Keystone Edge, and integration of all suppliers into the new model around initial set of five core processes

·         March 1, 2019: Full launch of the multisupplier model offering agencies access to modern services with and new processes in place


New service desk tool to launch Nov. 9


Part of VITA’s move to the new infrastructure model includes the replacement of the legacy service desk tool, VSM. On Nov. 9, 20 agencies and the VCCC currently using VSM will begin using Keystone Edge. This new tool will make it easier to respond to incidents, perform status checks and view critical data to drive decision-making. Staff at Tempus Nova, Perspecta, and the 20 agencies that use VSM started Keystone Edge training on Oct. 29.


Managed security services experiencing connectivity challenges


Atos has not been able to fully connect to equipment in the Commonwealth Enterprise Solutions Center (CESC) to stand up its security services. A temporary solution was developed, but the delay likely will prevent full implementation of new tools on Dec. 15. A take-over-in-place is planned instead. Atos representatives will discuss the road map for future services at an upcoming information security officer advisory group meeting.


Governance for server/storage in place


Unisys staff held a kickoff meeting with VITA staff and presented its implementation plan. The Unisys service tower forum was launched Sept. 20 with VITA and SAIC. Forum participants laid the foundation for a successful transition and developed long-term governance for server/storage.


Voice/video/network onboarding staff


Verizon began onboarding personnel and conducting knowledge transfer sessions. West Communications (InterCall) audio and data conferencing will be retired and replaced with Verizon audio conferencing and Cisco WebEx. Existing InterCall subscribers will be transitioned to the new service in early 2019, a slight shift from the original schedule presented at the October AITR meeting.


Supplier planning session held


All suppliers met for a full-day session with the MSI to discuss how to achieve integration on Dec. 15 and meet key project milestones. The suppliers identified dependencies and adjusted schedules to meet the Dec. 15 launch. New tools that will be available Dec. 15 include project management, financial management, self-service ticketing and the service catalog.


VITA extends appreciation to agencies and AITRs for support and participation in the ITISP effort. Please email with program recommendations, comments or concerns. In addition, VITA has developed a website with information related to the new multisourced infrastructure environment that will be updated regularly. Please visit the multisourcing IT information site for further information.

CC: VITACOMMS, executive directors, CAMs, AOMs, Susan McCleary, Darnell Reddick, Don Drew, Perry Pascual, ITISP, business readiness, SAIC, Secretary of Administration