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Agencies using VSM will move to Keystone Edge Nov. 9

To impacted AITRs:

A message for AITRs to send to all agency ticket resolvers regarding the VSM cutover to Keystone Edge

Over the past few weeks you have been working closely with your customer account manager (CAM) and agency operations manager (AOM) regarding the cutover Nov. 9 from VMware service manager (VSM) to the new Keystone Edge tool. During this process, you helped identify high-volume ticket resolvers in your agency who need in-depth training on Keystone Edge. These individuals are aware of the coming change, have been sent invitations to training and many have completed training.

The message below is for you to use at your agency. Please send it to ticket resolvers who were not identified for training. These may be resolvers who rarely have tickets assigned to them or who have access only to monitor tickets. This message will provide an introduction to the coming tool change.

AITRs: Please forward the message below to ticket resolvers

On Dec. 15, the commonwealth will complete the move from a single supplier for IT infrastructure to a multisourcing environment. While most of the commonwealth’s employees will not see changes until Dec. 15, you will see changes Nov. 9 as the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) moves us from VMware service manager (VSM) to the new Keystone Edge tool. Transition to this new tool is part of the move to the multisourcing environment.

Changes you can anticipate

  • Tickets will be resolved in the new Keystone Edge system starting Nov. 9.
  • Notifications you receive from the service desk (VITA Customer Care Center or VCCC) will have a different appearance but will contain the same necessary information.
  • The VSM website will be replaced with a temporary site to last until Dec. 15. You will be able to look up tickets where you are the owner, see status and the notes within the ticket.
  • On Dec. 15, the full VITA service portal will launch – offering additional options to order services, receive information, and interact with the support teams.
  • Materials to assist you with resolving tickets after Nov. 9 are available below.

Support available to you

  • Instructional materials on ticket management and how to resolve tickets in Keystone Edge are currently being completed. Once completed next week, these materials will be posted here.
  • High-volume users of the VSM system have been identified by your agency for three-hour, instructor-led training. This training focuses on incident, fulfillment management and change management and is underway. If you believe this training is essential for you to do your job after Nov. 9, please click here to register for training.


If you have any questions please contact your customer account manager (CAM). As we get closer to the Dec. 15 launch date for the entire commonwealth to move to the multisourcing environment, you can expect additional communications and training on the new tools and services.