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IT infrastructure services program report

To all AITRs:

            IT infrastructure services update

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) is committed to achieving the multisourced information technology (IT) infrastructure environment by Dec. 15 – just over two weeks away. While progress is being made, some hurdles are being addressed as VITA moves to this next generation of technology for the commonwealth.


Successfully assimilating additional suppliers into the multisourcing environment and implementing processes and technology for ordering and billing in the new environment are challenges. The current infrastructure provider, and effective Dec. 15, our multisourcing service integrator (MSI) – Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) – is also observing the new Keystone Edge tool application for any issues in a live operational environment while adding an increasing number of users. VITA, our MSI and other suppliers will work to overcome these hurdles.


VITA is continuing the journey it started in 2015 and continues to make steady progress despite setbacks and challenges over the past three years. This is a new era in technology for the commonwealth. The new environment will permit VITA to provide services that are more agile, offer the ability to enhance existing services and provide opportunities to offer new services.


Here’s the latest information:


eVA orders

As a reminder, eVA orders will continue to be prioritized and processed for new hires, break-fix and executive mandates/federally funded procurements until Dec. 15.


New Keystone Edge tool launched for service desk

The transition from the antiquated VITA service desk tool, VMware Service Manager (VSM), to Keystone Edge on Nov. 24 was successful. The tool is being used by the VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC or service desk), those in agencies who resolve tickets, VITA staff and suppliers. It will be the foundation of the VITA service portal and VITA service catalog after the new environment is in place. More than 600 people began using the tool at 12:01 a.m. on Nov. 24. Additional groups of users are being added. As part of this transition, the information technology operations center (ITOC) was renamed the joint operations center (JOC). The JOC will perform in the same manner as the ITOC; this is a change in name only.


Managed security supplier is on board

Atos is preparing for a take-over-in-place as managed security services provider. Atos staff members have been working on knowledge transfer from SAIC, which has served as the infrastructure provider and will continue to do so until it takes over as MSI on Dec. 15. Atos has collected an inventory of tools, assets and third-party contracts for which it will be responsible. Atos also is working to complete its operational level agreement and service level agreement documentation.


Server, storage, data center take-over-in-place is Dec. 15.

The Unisys team is preparing for a Dec. 15 walk-in, take-over. Unisys will assume all server-based computing, storage and facilities, including operations and maintenance of the Commonwealth Enterprise Solutions Center data center facility. Other areas of scope involve ensuring the integrity of disaster recovery services; mitigating risk and documenting the services environment; and, providing new data center services to meet the needs of VITA and agency customers.

Transition to Verizon audio conferencing and Cisco WebEx slated

Verizon audio conferencing and Cisco WebEx will replace West Communications (InterCall) audio and data conferencing. Existing InterCall subscribers will be transitioned to the new service in early 2019. Verizon will begin reaching out to agencies via customer account managers (CAMs) and agency operations managers (AOMs) in the next few weeks to discuss the transition. Verizon audio conferencing and Cisco WebEx offer new audio and data conferencing features such as polling, virtual classrooms, chat, recording options and screen share. Note – There are no changes to the audio and data conferencing tools available through Google Hangouts MeetVerizon also is working to integrate services into the multisourced infrastructure environment.   


End-user computing supplier preparing for take-over-in-place on Dec. 15

Iron Bow is completing preparations for a walk-in, take over to provide end-user services, such as personal computers, laptops and tablets, beginning Dec. 15. Iron Bow is working on its service level agreement, how to manage work requests and knowledge transfer. The company is also preparing to resume personal computer (PC) refreshes under the existing process in early 2019.


Xerox to provide managed print and hardware services

Xerox will assume existing print services, provide a comprehensive managed print services environment, and offer a variety of devices and capabilities (e.g., workgroup, multifunction, scanning, mobile print) beginning Dec. 15. All existing managed print services (MPS) agreements will run their term until contract expiration when services will move under the new agreement with Xerox. Agencies should be aware that between now and Dec. 15, all newly proposed managed print services agreements should be put on hold. There will be no approvals from VITA for these agreements. Additionally, individual networked attached device work orders should be put on hold.


VITA extends appreciation to agencies and agency information technology resources (AITRs) for support and participation in this effort. Please email with recommendations, comments or concerns.