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New VITA service catalog tool brings changes

To all AITRs:

There are changes coming with the launch of VITA’s new multisupplier infrastructure environment on Dec. 15. Between now and then, VITA will provide you with communications, training and resources to share with all employees to prepare them, especially for the new VITA service portal.


Additionally, there are groups at your agency that need targeted communications and training to prepare for changes specific to their group. The groups and their associated changes are listed below:


Stakeholder Group

Dec. 15 Impacts

Agency VITA Billing Specialists

New IT Financial Management System for VITA Billing


New Security Clearance Management System

IT Project Managers

New IT Project Management Tool

Frequent Users of the VITA Service Catalog

New Online Service Catalog


Over the next few weeks, we will send information and training invitations to these users to prepare them for the upcoming changes. We will copy you on these messages.


The first message we need to send is to employees at your agency who are authorized to submit VITA service catalog orders. We ask that you please forward the message below to the appropriate agency employees so that they are aware of the upcoming change.


To provide agencies with ongoing information on this transition, we have created an informational website found here that will be updated with additional content as it becomes available. If you have any questions, please contact your customer account manager.



Please forward the message below to employees in your agency authorized to submit an order request to you for approval to send to VITA:


New VITA service catalog launches for agencies next month

On Dec. 15, the commonwealth will complete the move from a single supplier to a multisourced information technology (IT) infrastructure environment. A multisourcing service integrator (MSI) will manage several suppliers. The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) will provide oversight and governance. This new model will provide for improved services, increased transparency and opportunities for new services that better meet agency needs.

You may have heard about some of the changes coming for all agency employees, including the new service management system named Keystone Edge. The VITA customer service portal will use Keystone Edge to provide real-time visibility into the tickets you submit, easy interaction with the VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC or service desk) for support, and a robust knowledge base.

Within the VITA service portal, a new service catalog will launch for VITA customers. The new tools deliver a number of benefits for VITA customers:


·         Simple, streamlined ordering with an “Amazon-like” experience

·         Access to new and modern services as they become available


As we get closer to launching this model, you can expect training on the new tools and services starting late this month and more communications.


We are excited about this innovative new environment being provided by VITA. To provide you with ongoing information on this transition, VITA has created an informational website found here that will be updated with additional content as it becomes available.


If you have any questions please contact your agency IT resource (AITR).