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Transition assistance program: VITA prepares for Dec. 15 MSI

To all AITRs:


Work request, eVA guidance provided for upcoming move to multisupplier infrastructure environment


As you are aware, the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) is implementing the new information technology (IT) infrastructure multisupplier model. The official transition date is Dec. 15.


On that date, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) will assume the role of multisourcing service integrator (MSI) with oversight and governance by VITA. All suppliers also will be integrated. This marks the start for suppliers to begin implementing their specific services. The suppliers will undertake improvements through March 1, 2019, resulting in full service delivery at that time.


Work requests


Since SAIC assumed all infrastructure services Aug. 18 as an interim step to the multisourcing environment, work requests have been prioritized in three categories:


1. Urgent/strategically important

2. Labor only with no infrastructure impacts

3. Infrastructure impacts requiring financial investments


Agencies can expect these work request priorities to continue as SAIC processes only those work requests that can be completed by Dec. 15


SAIC will enter all other work requests into the VITA service portal Keystone Edge tool and share them with onboarding suppliers beginning Nov. 16 for solutioning. This early soft hand-off to suppliers means agencies will receive one-time solutioning directly from the provisioning supplier. It also prevents an overwhelming work request backlog on Dec. 15 when agencies will begin to receive solutions. 


Agencies are asked to submit non-urgent requests after Dec. 15 when the requests can be process directly with the appropriate supplier.  


eVA orders

eVA orders will continue to be prioritized and processed for new hires, break-fix and executive mandates/federally funded procurements. 


SAIC is targeting Nov. 30 as the last day to be able to fulfill any order in “complete” status before MSI is launched. This date is also dependent on available inventory. Agencies should consider the lead-time involved in an order reaching “completed” status before deciding to submit an eVA order before Nov. 30 or after Dec. 15


Personal computer (PC) refresh is planned to restart in 2019. Specific dates will be forthcoming. The next AITR meeting is Nov. 14 when transition topics will be covered and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.