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Dec. 15 impacts to daily operations

To all AITRs:

On Dec. 15, the commonwealth moves to a multisupplier infrastructure environment, putting a new era of technology in place for VITA and agency customers. The introduction of the VITA service portal and service catalog using the new Keystone Edge tool brings changes to your daily operations:

  • You will be able to view the status of all tickets entered by your agency’s employees
  • The service catalog will be interactive; orders can be placed via an Amazon-like experience on the VITA service portal
  • Various security and asset management changes will begin Dec. 15 and continue as additional technology is adopted

As a reminder, there is one more training session on Wednesday, Dec. 12, after the monthly AITR meeting. If you are interested in attending, please email the training team at A virtual WebEx is available if needed. If you are unable to attend training, VITA has created an informational website that offers various job aids and videos available to assist you and staff at your agency.

Thank you for investing your time to help prepare yourself and your agency for this important transition.

Please forward the message below to the employees in your agency who are responsible for managing agency assets.


On Dec. 15, the commonwealth will move to a multisupplier information technology infrastructure environment. This transition brings changes to how VITA-maintained agency assets are managed. Agency asset managers can expect the following impacts to their operations:

  • The Keystone Edge tool will become the system of record for all agency IT assets that are maintained by VITA, containing all data available in the configuration management database (CMDB). As IT infrastructure service providers begin integrating their tools in 2019, Keystone Edge will replace the partnership asset reporting server (PARS) as the primary reporting tool for CMDB and assets.

  • Changes for all configuration or inventory move and change (IMACs) related to production hardware will follow the existing change process. CMDB inaccuracies or asset-specific data changes should be sent to the CMDB team at

  • Agency users will be able to view fixed reports, create their own custom reports and save them to their dashboard.

As a reminder, there is one remaining training session this week open for registration here. In-person attendance is highly encouraged if you are in the Richmond area; a virtual WebEx is also available if needed.

If you are unable to attend training, VITA has created an informational website that has various job aids and videos available to provide you with additional information.

Thank you for investing your time in preparation for this important transition. If you have any questions, please contact your agency IT resource (AITR).