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12-13-18 SC

Important information on VITA’s new service catalog

To all AITRs:

AITRS, please forward the message below to all employees authorized to place catalog orders for your agency:


VITA’s new service catalog modernizes agency ordering experience


The VITA service portal, which features the new VITA service catalog, will launch on Dec. 15, changing the way that agencies place ordersfor VITA-provided IT goods and services. Placing orders will now be an interactive, Amazon-like experience with a few importantdifferences.


Items located in the current catalog will now be ordered through the new VITA service catalog. Additionally, some items that have been ordered through eVA will be in the new catalog, for example desktop, laptop and tablet personal computers (PCs), copiers and printers. When ordering items from the new VITA service catalog, there is no need to place a duplicate order in eVA. Some items, such as computer accessories (desktop peripherals), will still be ordered in eVA. VITA asks agencies to first check the VITA service catalog and only use eVA for items not available in the new catalog.


Instructions for ordering services are provided in the catalog. For most items, you will be prompted to complete easy-to-use electronic forms. In other cases, a generic request form is provided.


When placing an order for IT services, follow your agency’s existing approval process prior to submission. When you submit an order in the new VITA service catalog, it will automatically flow to the agency IT resource (AITR) or information security officer (ISO)for their approval.


To assist you, 30-minute virtual training sessions will be available the week of Dec. 17 and are now open for registration here. Ifyou are unable to attend training, VITA has created an informational website with various job aids and videos. AITRs have attendedtraining and are also available to assist you.


Note to Internet Explorer (IE) Windows 7 users: To access the VITA service catalog, you must add it as a trusted site.

The kickoff of the new VITA service catalog is a significant step toward making it faster and easier to access IT services and track where your orders are in the fulfillment process. VITA looks forward to continually improving the catalog to ensure it meets your needs.