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12-4-18 Training

Training on new IT service management tool

To all AITRs:  

VITA’s IT service management tool training reminder

We are quickly approaching the launch of the new multisupplier environment for the commonwealth’s IT infrastructure. As a final reminder, next week we will begin training agency employees on new security, project management and asset management tools. We will also offer AITR training. All training notifications were sent to the employees you identified who will need access to these areas. If they have not done so already, please encourage your employees to register to attend a session.

We have not yet sent invitations for the IT financial management (ITFM) training, as that functionality has been delayed. While much of the ITFM functionality is ready, we want to have time after Dec. 15 to pilot billing before it becomes the system of record.

Agencies will continue to use and receive bills using the existing system and processes until the new ITFM tool launches. We will provide agencies with training on the new ITFM tool at a date closer to its availability for use. We will provide more information about the timing of that training in January 2019.

For more information on the coming transition, please visit VITA’s informational website that is continually updated with additional content as it becomes available.