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New multisupplier model and new VITA service portal and catalog launch Dec. 15

To all AITRs:

On Dec. 15, the new multisupplier model launches with a new VITA service portal and catalog; new suppliers take over existing services 


On Dec. 15, the Commonwealth of Virginia will complete the move from a single-supplier, long-term contract for information technology (IT) infrastructure services to a multisupplier environment with shorter contract terms. New suppliers for end-user computing, managed print services, server storage and data center, managed security, and voice and data networks will begin providing services through VITA’s new service portal and catalog at that time.


As we prepare for this milestone transition, agencies can expect temporary adjustments around how they order existing services. A high-level summary of what to expect by service area is below:


·         eVA orders and new service catalog: eVA orders submitted after Nov. 30 are on hold until Dec. 15. After Dec. 15, agencies should submit all new orders for VITA provided goods and services through the new VITA service catalog. Items not offered in the VITA service catalog may still be ordered through eVA.


·         Work requests: All outstanding work requests will transfer to the new VITA service portal and will be assigned to the onboarding suppliers on Dec. 15. After Dec. 15, agencies should submit all new work requests through the new VITA service portal using the “request for solution” form.


·         VITA billing: The new VITA billing tool, IT financial management (ITFM) will not launch until 2019. While much of the ITFM functionality is ready, we want to have time after Dec. 15 to pilot billing before it becomes the system of record. Agencies will continue to use and receive bills using the existing system and processes until the new ITFM tool launches. We will provide more information about the timing in January 2019.


·         End-user computing: The new end-user computing supplier, Iron Bow, will take over existing services on Dec. 15. We will continue to provide personal computers (PC) for new hires and break/fix. Iron Bow is preparing to resume PC refreshes under the legacy process in early 2019. In March of 2019, Iron Bow will introduce a new PC refresh process using a pilot program with a full rollout scheduled for July 2019.


·         Managed print services: The new managed print service supplier, Xerox, will begin maintaining the existing VITA-provided networked printer fleet with the addition of some supplies included at no charge on Dec. 15. All existing managed print services (MPS) agreements will continue until contract expiration, after which, VITA expects all services to be provided under the new MPS contract with Xerox. Agencies should use all existing supplies on hand in anticipation of March 1 when Xerox will begin auto-replenishment. Additional information will be coming on the new services available in 2019.


·         Server, storage and data center: The new server, storage and data center supplier, Unisys, will take over existing services on Dec. 15. There should be no impacts to agency end users. Additional information will be coming on the new services available in 2019. 


·         Voice and data network: The new voice and data network supplier, Verizon, will take over existing services on Dec. 15. West Communications (InterCall) audio and data conferencing will be retired and replaced with Verizon Cisco WebEx in early 2019. Verizon will begin reaching out to agencies to discuss the transition via customer account managers and agency operations managers in January 2019.


·         Managed security: The new managed security supplier, Atos, will take over existing services on Dec. 15. Atos will begin to introduce new modernized services to better protect the IT infrastructure of the commonwealth in early 2019.


Initially, new suppliers will take over providing existing services. They will gradually introduce new modernized services over the next six months. This transition is an important step in preparing the commonwealth for the next generation of IT services. Please direct any questions to your CAM.