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Annual Google license true-up details

To all AITRs:

VITA launches Google license true-up with agency response required by April 1 


As presented in the agency information technology resource (AITR) meeting on Jan. 9, VITA is launching our annual Google license true-up event. Agencies may upgrade licenses at any time, but only have the opportunity to downgrade licenses during the annual true-up period. AITRs are asked to respond to VITA by April 1 with Google license and service changes for the upcoming fiscal year, effective July 1, and appearing in the August bill. Agency non-response to the true-up will result in the current licenses and services being continued for another year. 


True-up activities 

AITRs will receive a spreadsheet during the last week of February through the first week of March pre-populated with Google licenses and services for each agency user based on the agency January data. AITRs will be asked to update the spreadsheet for any changes and return it to VITA by April 1. Instructions for spreadsheet completion and return are forthcoming. AITRs are encouraged to review current agency messaging licenses (billing data), share the information in this communication and engage relevant agency decision makers before the spreadsheets are distributed.  


True-up license options  

Google licensing offers four mailbox choices for the upcoming year: 


FY 2019

Cost Per User/

Per Month ($)

FY 2020*

Cost Per User/ Per Month ($)

Basic 30 GB



Basic 30 GB (with Google Vault)



Business unlimited (with Google Vault)  New

Not available


Enterprise unlimited (with Google Vault) **



  The above FY 2020 IT service rates reflect rates submitted in the governor’s budget, subject to approval by the General Assembly
** Enterprise unlimited is the mailbox option offered in the current fiscal year, known as “unlimited” 

Beginning in FY 20, HB1700/SB1100 (the budget bill) funds agencies for basic (30GB) mailboxes plus Google Vault service, based on VITA's current utilization estimates. 


VITA is providing a comparison of the features for each license in the “G Suite Plans Comparison” that can be found here.   


An enterprise unlimited license is required to journal to a third party. Your customer account manager (CAM) has the most up-to-date information for this service 


Agencies may elect to include the following messaging services for the upcoming year:  



FY 2019

Cost Per


Month ($)

FY 2020

Cost Per User/Per Month ($)

Google Vault

Google Vault is a separate email archiving repository where emails are not deleted until the retention policy is met.



Virtru combined email and Google Drive encryption

Virtru combined email and Google Drive encryption allows for integrated protection and encryption of emails and Google Drive files directly from G Suite. The controls are embedded directly into your G Suite interface for ease of use. Agencies with Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) compliance should consider Virtru for encryption purposes.



ESNA fax to email

ESNA fax to email transforms inbound and outbound email into fax messages.



ESNA voicemail to email

ESNA voicemail to email permits telco-based voicemails to be sent to your email mailbox in .wav file format.




Specific information about each mailbox and service can be found on the VITA service catalog found here 


VITA recommends the use of an email archiving service by agencies to promote compliance with records retention policies and the Virginia Public Records Act. Unlike the previous Microsoft Exchange-based system, Gmail does not give VITA the ability to restore data to users’ mailboxes. Agencies that elect not to use an email archiving service such as Google Vault may not be in compliance with the Virginia Public Records Act. Specific questions regarding an agency’s obligations under the Virginia Public Records Act should be directed to agency compliance staff or the Office of the Attorney General. 


Agencies using hosted mail archiving (HMA) should evaluate the use of HMA as an archiving method due to the cost of the service and the requirement for an enterprise unlimited mailbox. Agencies may wish to switch to Google Vault for archiving and keep the HMA service only for select administrators to access historical data for all users. VITA is planning a meeting with agencies to explain the options for switching their journaling method. Invitations are forthcoming.  


AITRs will have an opportunity to ask questions about the Google licensing true-up in the AITR meeting on March 13. Questions can also be directed to your CAM.  


As information becomes available, it will be posted on the messaging support site found here.