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IT infrastructure services program status report

VITA is working with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) to ensure integration of service tower suppliers and plan for new and enhanced services on July 1.

This continuing effort to move to the new multisourced infrastructure environment has been time-consuming and complex. However, it’s important to note the end goals: IT service delivery quality; ease of doing business; agility; agency choice; and, service and spend transparency. It’s a new era in IT for the commonwealth.

Key dates

Feb. 22 - Customer advisory council (CAC) meeting

Feb. 23 - General Assembly session ends

March 1 - Multisourced supplier model fully implemented

March 6 - ISOAG meeting

March 13 - Agency information technology resources (AITRs) meeting

March 22 - CAC meeting

March TBD - ISO orientation


PRO operational, leading infrastructure efforts

VITA’s platform relationship office (PRO) is fully operational. Dec. 15 not only marked the date of the move to the new multisourcing IT infrastructure environment, it also was the day remaining VITA employees who are a part of the PRO were migrated into the organization. The PRO is the leading force for VITA's transition to the "new era" of IT in the commonwealth.

Chad Wirz, executive director of the PRO, leads the team. Reporting to Chad are:

·         Gwen Anderson, director of service management

·         Don Drew, interim director, transition management

·         Perry Pascual, director of IT sourcing strategy

·         Steve Radabaugh, director of technology services (Steve has taken a position outside state government; an interim director will be named soon.)

·         Demetrias Rodgers, director of enterprise services

The PRO is supporting the commonwealth's need and VITA's goal to obtain top quality comprehensive services from all of its new IT suppliers. The PRO seeks to operate cross-functionally at VITA to lead and improve services and processes. These roles have been mapped and those in the roles are working collaboratively to support service delivery and governance. The ultimate goal is to provide superior customer service.

An important component of the PRO is platform governance. The new governance framework balances both the agency business needs and enterprise needs. Together, the PRO and platform governance model will provide a stable framework that can incorporate change and exemplify agility. The multisourcing service integrator (MSI) will support the PRO leadership in the execution of the platform governance and work to ensure the new service delivery model is successful.

Supplier updates

MSI focuses on service tower supplier integration

SAIC continues to work on integration of the service tower suppliers and their tools. Additional areas of focus include the request for solution process, the IT financial management tool and the configuration management database (CMDB).

SAIC has assumed the day-to-day operations of the service portfolio life cycle management (SPLM) process. SPLM is the process that manages the life of an IT service, from initiation and aligning business strategy, through the design and delivery of the IT service, to its ongoing operation and support through the retirement of the service. VITA will serve in an oversight role. SAIC’s agency business relationship managers (BRM) can answer questions related to SPLM services.

VITA and SAIC have provided additional Keystone Edge support, including course materials, videos and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) that can be found at this informational website.

Atos begins work in Keystone Edge, submits OLAs

Atos submitted operational level agreements (OLA) for the MSI, managed print services, end-user computing, and security, storage and data center. Atos is currently working to complete its system security plan and VITA architecture review (VAR) to ensure full implementation and connectivity to the production environment.

Unisys working with MSI on workflows for integrated tools

Unisys is working with the MSI on process, tools and systems integration with Keystone Edge for incident management, CMDB, discovery, service level agreements (SLAs), OLAs, and reporting and extracts. Service management manual for directory services, federated identity management, domain name system services and filtering were completed. Unisys has submitted its security services and testing plans. Agreement on pricing to complete asset transfer and reconciliation is needed and in progress.

Verizon submits VARs, collaborates on ITFM billing

Verizon submitted five VARs, managed services, audio data conferencing, UCaaS, secure gateway and ebonding to VITA for review. Verizon staff collaborated with VITA and SAIC to discuss information technology financial management (ITFM) billing alignment.

There will be weekly touch point meetings to track progress against the schedule and four regularly scheduled ebonding technical meetings weekly.

Iron Bow resumes legacy personal computer (PC) refresh

PC refreshes haves resumed using the existing process. A written overview of the process and a  spreadsheet for first quarter 2019-eligible PCs are posted for agencies to review. Iron Bow completed data mapping for incident management and the CMDB.

Xerox continues tool integration sessions with the MSI

Xerox continues to conduct tool integration sessions with the MSI and has onboarded needed remaining support staff. The VITA customer account managers and SAIC BRMs were briefed on the new offerings Xerox will introduce in 2019. Xerox plans to brief the agency information technology resources (AITRs) on the same content at the coming March meeting.

VITA extends appreciation to agencies and AITRs for support and participation in the ITISP effort. Please email at with program recommendations, comments or concerns.

Learn about each supplier on the Connections site

If you have any program recommendations, comments or concerns, please email