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VITA to begin modernizing services

To all AITRs:


VITA to begin modernizing services, including print, PC, network, firewall and voice offerings


VITA will begin offering new and enhanced information technology (IT) infrastructure services July 1. The eight new suppliers that came on board at the end of 2018 will begin providing modern technology services to agencies in the commonwealth under VITA’s new multisourcing services model. 


Some of the suppliers will begin upgrading aging equipment and infrastructure prior to July 1. Agencies can expect to begin receiving more information about these efforts from the multisourcing service integrator’s business relationship managers (BRMs).


While service upgrades will take place over several months, and it will take time to get to each agency, VITA wants to make sure you are aware of the efforts planned. This will assist you as you prepare to work with your BRM to coordinate site specific visits and share /receive information at the appropriate time.


Upcoming efforts include:


PC refresh

PC refreshes have resumed using the existing process. A written overview of the process and a spreadsheet for first quarter 2019-eligible PCs are posted for agencies to review on the VITA PC refresh site.


Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10

All workstations (desktops, laptops and tablets) running the Windows 7 operating system must be transitioned to Windows 10 by the end of 2019 to maintain Microsoft support. BRMs will ask each agency to identify project points of contact, site points of contact, and participate in testing and scheduling.


Network and voice upgrades

Beginning in March and continuing through early 2020, we will modernize 60 percent of data and voice networks across executive branch agencies and their sites. These upgrades will require short outage windows. VITA will work with agencies to minimize business impacts.


Firewall upgrades

VITA will refresh the commonwealth firewall environment in 20 percent increments annually over the next five years. Refreshes will provide newer, supported models and technologies (Juniper for smaller firewalls of 100MB and Palo Alto for larger firewalls of 1GB and 10GB). BRMs will schedule time with agencies to discuss the approach, answer questions and identify any constraints that must be reflected in project schedules. 


Print device refresh

Starting in the third quarter of this calendar year, the managed print services supplier will refresh all legacy devices over five years at a rate of 20 percent per year. Managed print exploratory conversations and activities begin this month. BRMs will reach out to discuss agencies’ current state of managed print services.


Email licensing verification (Google true-up)

Agencies have received information needed to review and make any changes to email services for fiscal year 2020. Selections must be submitted by April 1.


Again, some of these upgrades will require outages and VITA will coordinate with agencies to ensure that we minimize business impacts.


We extend our appreciation for your continued support as we usher in a new era of technology services for the Commonwealth of Virginia.