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3-15-19 90-day

VITA’s new multisupplier service model hits 90-day mark

From the CIO of the Commonwealth to AITRs and agency heads:

VITA’s new multisupplier service model hits 90-day mark

 VITA partially launched a new multisupplier model for information technology (IT) infrastructure services for Commonwealth executive branch agencies on Dec. 15, 2018. It is designed to provide more agile, modern and transparent services. It has now been 90 days since that model was launched. I am pleased to update you on our progress.


Eight new suppliers are now delivering infrastructure services under the new model. At this time, they are offering the same services provided under our previous contract. VITA is working with suppliers to fully integrate additional tools and processes needed to begin offering modern services starting July 1. Initial successes include:

·        Virginia is believed to be the first state in the nation implementing a multisupplier model for technology services of this size and scope – eight suppliers providing all infrastructure services.

·        VITA has resumed personal computer (PC) refresh for agencies under a new supplier.

·        We successfully transitioned 63 executive branch agencies to a new service desk without disruptions, and we improved responsiveness from 30 minutes to answer the initial call to less than 30 seconds.

·        An interactive VITA service catalog is now available with a web-portal that offers transparency into the status of service requests by agencies.


While we have worked with our suppliers to get the right tools and processes in place to fully implement this modern approach to IT infrastructure services, it is a significant undertaking, and we have faced challenges, including:

·        It has taken more time than initially planned to properly configure and test the new IT financial management tool, which will add transparency to agency billing; the tool may not launch until early summer.

·        It has proven difficult for suppliers to fully integrate with the request for solution process launched in December, and agency requests for solutions and services are taking longer than expected; we are working to resolve this, but it will take time.

·        At the time the new model was launched, all the tools and processes needed for suppliers to deliver at full capacity were not yet ready; suppliers continue to work to put these in place, but it will likely take several more months.


VITA is using the new governance model, which includes agency representatives, to guide our suppliers and ensure they meet their obligations to the Commonwealth.


We expect there will continue to be a few more challenges to overcome in the months

ahead, but we are encouraged by the progress to date and the commitment from our suppliers to make this effort successful.


A transition as large as this one is bound to have both challenges and successes in its initial launch. We appreciate the patience and support we have received from agencies as we work to get everything working efficiently and effectively. I will continue to provide updates about our progress toward a new era in information technology for the Commonwealth.