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Next-generation monitoring and support of servers and network devices

To all AITRs:


VITA is preparing for next-generation monitoring and support of servers and network devices.



VITA and its server storage and data center supplier are preparing to implement the latest server and network device monitoring and support tools expected to be available later this year.


To prepare, VITA is beginning the process of discovering all server and network devices across the commonwealth. This process will provide up-to-date and accurate information for the configuration management database (CMDB).


As part of this discovery, VITA must add local accounts to all Linux and UNIX commonwealth servers including those in VITA’s data and backup data centers.


VITA will conduct scans of the environment beginning March 21 and continuing four weeks. There is no impact to agencies (no latency or delays) from these scans due to the agentless discovery process.


These steps will improve VITA’s visibility into the environment and help build the foundation of tools that will allow VITA to move from reactive problem solving to a preventive approach. VITA will be able to identify potential issues, such as storage space challenges, weeks in advance of when a problem develops and automate solutions to minimize disruptions to agencies’ business operations.


Please address questions to your business relationship manager.