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Important clarification on VoIP ordering – VoIP orders must be placed in VITA service catalog

To AITRs and telecommunications coordinators at executive branch agencies:

Important clarification on ordering telecommunications services: voice over internet protocol (VoIP) orders must be placed in VITA service catalog


Effective immediately all agencies must use the VITA service catalog for all unified communications as a service (UCaaS) or carrier hosted voice service (CHVS) VoIP service orders or changes to existing services. Agencies may no longer use TEBS for any UCaaS or CHVS orders. Failure to use the VITA service catalog will result in a delay to your order.


Read on to learn more about UCaaS orders or change requests in the new VITA service catalog.


Requesting changes for UCaaS or CHVS sites

To request a change for all existing UCaaS and CHVS locations, a request must be submitted through the VITA service catalog. There are two types of installs, moves, adds and changes (IMACs) requests in the service catalog for UCaaS/CHVS sites.


See the table below for examples on which IMAC request is appropriate.


Change Request Type

Change Description

VITA Service Catalog Link

UCaaS IMAC On-site (Anything requiring a dispatch)

·       Phone relocation

·       Hardware install

UCaaS IMAC - On-Site

UCaaS IMAC Remote (most common)

·       Name change

·       Add phone extension

·       Hunt group adds/changes

·       Voice mailbox changes

·       Feature change

·       Auto attendant

UCaaS IMAC - Remote



Requesting a new UCaaS site

To request a new UCaaS site, a request for solution (RFS) must be submitted in the VITA service catalog. 


Complete the RFS (formerly known as custom work order) form in the VITA service catalog and attach the RD9-001-UCaaS-New-Service-Assessment-Form located on the RFS page.


Please contact your business relationship manager (BRM) or Henry Brummitt for questions or additional information.