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VITA is modernizing the data and voice networks

To all executive branch AITRs and telecommunications contacts:

VITA is modernizing the data and voice networks across the commonwealth  


VITA and its data network supplier are preparing to take the first step in our overall voice and data network strategy. We are launching a project to modernize the data and voice networks across the executive branch agencies over the next 11 months. Your agency will benefit by gaining improved network stability, proactive monitoring, network management and reporting.   


Soon after launching this project, our next steps will include soliciting agency input as we define the future of voice and data networks for the commonwealth.  

We will be updating the voice and data networks of more than 1,490 agency sites. We are excited to bring you the latest technology, and we will work with you to minimize disruptions to your business during the required maintenance windows.  


Your business relationship manager (BRM) will contact you 60 days prior to modernization activities starting at your agency to review the proposed schedule and collect your feedback and requirements. You will be apprised of the status of the project by your BRM throughout the project.  


Modernization overview  

  • Each agency site will require at least one, and up to three visits, by technicians to upgrade the data and/or voice networks
  • Site visits and maintenance windows will be scheduled during business hours Monday through Thursday (typically one day on-site and a four-hour maintenance window per site)
  • Site visits outside business hours can be arranged as needed  
  • Each site will experience a full outage for a period of time during the actual implementation and rolling outages for the remainder of the maintenance window
    • 30-60 minutes full outage of telephone service during router(s) replacement
    • Rolling outages for remainder of maintenance window for other device replacements
  • All other network change activities must be frozen for the site until after transformation is complete  

Please contact your BRM if you have any questions.