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VITA issuing conditional commencement to MSI

Sent by the chief information officer of the commonwealth:

VITA issuing conditional commencement to MSI for delivering technology services under multisourcing supplier model

VITA is issuing conditional approval to the multisourcing service integrator (MSI) to officially commence services. This means the MSI can transition to its operational staffing model and leverage the full strength of the multisourcing model to implement remaining technology, processes and tools needed to meet agencies’ technology needs.


The implementation work and services are not yet at full operation, but the MSI is making progress resolving larger challenge areas. VITA will work to support completion of those efforts. Recent progress includes:


·         The MSI continues to make progress in configuring and testing the new information technology financial management (ITFM) system, which will help drive more transparent and accurate billing.

·         Account leadership and internal staffing changes were made to better support the program.

·         Request for solution (RFS) processing times are trending downward and a team is in place to further improve the solution.


These are positive steps that demonstrate commitment to the success of the new infrastructure multisourcing model. VITA continues to mature our new governance model, which includes representation from agencies, to manage progress and ensure the commonwealth receives the full value of multisupplier contracts. Conditional approval of commencement will remain in place until services are at full operational levels.


We believe this is the first time in the country that a government agency has taken on a technology contract of this size and scope, and we knew going into the new multisourcing environment there would be challenges.  We expect it will take time to get all the right tools and processes in place for the challenges we are facing to be resolved. Please know your patience, cooperation and support are greatly appreciated.