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VITA organizational changes underway

To: Agency heads and AITRs,

VITA’s mission continues to be customer-focused, with an emphasis on providing IT services that meet your agencies’ business needs as effectively and efficiently as possible. To enhance our ability to meet our mission, a reorganization of VITA is underway.


This new structure was developed after many months of serious study and input from agency heads, state CIOs and others familiar with organizational operations and information technology (IT).


Why are we doing this? This new structure:

·       Better aligns with our new multisourced infrastructure environment

·       Facilitates customer service to agencies

·       Enhances accountability within VITA

·       Provides better visibility and vetting of issues

·       Aligns functional areas to VITA’s mission areas

·       Uses working titles that match best practices

·       Ties to VITA’s five-year maturity plan


In the new structure, there will be three direct reports to the chief information officer (CIO): the chief operating officer (COO) position, which is in the search phase; a chief administrative officer (CAO), which will be posted for recruitment in the coming weeks; and, the chief information security officer (CISO), Mike Watson.


The COO will have responsibilities for operations and services to agencies, including customer support; infrastructure services operations and governance; supply chain management; applications and enterprise services; and enterprise billing and budget planning. All of these activities relate directly to our work on behalf of your agencies.


The CAO will be responsible for VITA operations, including strategic planning, processes and productivity and human capital; legal and legislative services; communications; and administration and facilities.


The CISO’s responsibilities will continue to include security and risk management. Enterprise architecture will be added to the CISO’s responsibilities.


The executive director positions are being eliminated. There are some new director and manger positions. Those will be posted for recruitment.


I believe this restructuring will better enable us to serve your agencies, relieve some of the workloads of those who are performing multiple jobs at VITA, and place VITA in a position to face the future.


We soon will post a new high-level organizational chart on the VITA public website. Please know that I appreciate your cooperation with VITA and look forward to our continuing effort in ushering us into a new era of IT for the commonwealth.


Nelson Moe

CIO of the Commonwealth of Virginia