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Verizon Instant Meeting audio conferencing and Webex Conferencing now available in the VITA service catalog

To all AITRs and telecommunications coordinators:

Verizon Instant Meeting audio conferencing and Webex conferencing now available in the service catalog

VITA is excited to announce the availability of the new audio conferencing solution, Verizon Instant Meeting and updated web conferencing solution, Cisco Webex in the VITA service catalog.

Audio conferencing – Verizon Instant Meeting

Verizon’s Instant Meeting is a reservation-less audio conferencing service, available for use 24/7. With Instant Meeting, you can host audio meetings of up to 50 participants with a global dial-in number with individual leader and participant passcodes for one low per minute rate. There will also be two levels of reserved audio conferencing available to conferencing users who require meetings with higher numbers of participants and/or operator assistance at a higher cost per minute.

Additionally, for a monthly fee, AITRs may opt to authorize larger port capacities up to 100 attendees for their users who frequently host meetings with more than 50 participants. Contact to learn more about this option.

Web conferencing – Verizon Cisco Webex

Webex serves as a single, user-friendly solution for audio conferencing, document sharing, online meetings, and collaboration. The new Webex platform includes video conferencing with full screen and screen sharing viewing modes. Users have the ability to switch presenters, share what is on the desktop or an application, annotate documents together, sketch ideas on a virtual whiteboard, record meetings, and organize or join meetings from a smartphone or tablet. Users will also be able to join audio calls by dialing new toll or toll-free numbers, having Webex call a desk or mobile phone with a user-provided callback number, or sending and receiving audio through a computer. 

Webex users will be charged a monthly license fee plus a low per minute audio rate. They will have access to all four Webex Centers (Meetings, Training, Events, and Support) with the capability of hosting calls with up to 1,000 attendees

As a reminder, Google Hangouts, which is included in agency G Suite enterprise licenses and available to all agency users, is the preferred application for meetings with a small number of participants.

For additional questions about Verizon Instant Meeting and Cisco Webex, please contact