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5-31-19 ITFM

New IT financial management tool launching this June; training scheduled

To agency invoice points of contact:

New VITA billing, chargeback tool launching for June invoice; training scheduled


VITA has coordinated closely with various agency finance workgroups and our infrastructure suppliers tdevelop a new information technology financial management (ITFM) toolWith an inaugural bill date of June 19, the tool will permit agencies to manage their bill of IT online. It will also provide new features and the IT spend transparency agencies requested to support agency business needs 

The new ITFM tool provides: 

  • comprehensive bill of IT services  Your agency’s consolidated, comprehensive bill will be available online. It will support drill down capabilities so that you can view supporting details for invoiced items. For example, server/storage/disaster recovery services details include, among other items, asset tags, serial numbers, status, model and location. 

  • An enterprise chargeback summary report – You also can drill down into listing by tower and sub tower of services provided the prior month.  

This is a significant change from our previous system, and it may take time for your agency to acclimate to using all the new features available to you. While the system is different, you should find that the actual bill looks similar to what you are used to seeing, with some additional detailsYour new bill will be available on the 13th business day of each month starting June 19. 

This new comprehensive bill is a significant step in modernizing our IT systems, and only possible because agency finance professionals provided input during sessions with VITA’s ITFM team.  

Training available 

A two-hour class specifically designed for agency finance professionals is available between June 10 and 18. In-person attendance is highly encouraged if you are in the Richmond area; a virtual Webex is also available if needed. The class will be scenario-based to provide hands-on experienceThe class will cover:     

  • ITFM’s business objectives 
  • Navigation, reports and drill downs 
  • Disputes process (e.g., opening a dispute, dispute levels, dispute points of contact) 

You are strongly encouraged to participate in the training so you are prepared for changes in how you review your comprehensive VITA bill. Please click here to view the schedule and register. Once you register, you will receive communications directly from the multisourcing service integrator (MSI) training mailbox (msi_training@saic.comwith logistics information. If you have questions, please submit them to the training box or contact your business relationship manager. 

This transition to a different online billing tool will be one of the more challenging changes state agencies will face as VITA moves the commonwealth to a new era of IT services. Your patience and support, and the time you invest in training, as we make this significant change is greatly appreciated. We will continue to improve this new tool overtime, and we look forward to your feedback.