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Verizon Instant Meeting audio conferencing for over 50 participants Inbox

To all AITRs and telecommunications coordinators:

Verizon Instant Meeting audio conferencing offers multiple options for over 50 participants

VITA and its voice and data network supplier launched the new audio conferencing solution, Verizon Instant Meeting, an updated web conferencing solution, Cisco Webex, in early May.

All active audio-only conferencing users were automatically converted to the new Verizon Instant Meeting service.

There are two options for audio conferencing subscribers who need to host meetings with greater than 50 participants.

Option one: Make a reservation for a one-time audio conference

If existing Instant Meeting subscribers need to schedule a call for over 50 participants, they may schedule a reserved meeting conference for a specific date, time, duration and approximate number of attendees. This knowledge base article explains how to schedule a reserved meeting.

Instant Meeting subscribers need the VITA authorization code to schedule the reserved meeting. VITA authorization code: 5408478. Please distribute the authorization code as you see fit.


This service is subject to a higher rate per minute than the Instant Meeting service, but no monthly recurring port fee.

Option two: Purchase additional ports for the  existing Instant Meeting

For a higher monthly fee (plus the standard per minute fee), AITRs may opt to authorize larger port capacities up to 100 attendees for their users who frequently host meetings with more than 50 participants; see service catalog.

Instant Meeting for 50 attendees: $0.00/month

Instant Meeting 60 ports: $66.54/month

Instant Meeting 70 ports: $74.86/month

Instant Meeting 80 ports: $83.18/month

Instant Meeting 90 ports: $91.49/month

Instant Meeting 100 ports: $99.81/month


Contact Henry Brummitt to learn more about these options.

Reminder - all legacy audio conferencing service and numbers and Webex licenses were decommissioned May 31.

Google Hangouts, which is included in agency G Suite enterprise licenses and available to all agency users, is the preferred application for meetings with a small number of participants.

CC: VITACOMMS, executive directors, CAMs, BRMs, business readiness, Henry Brummitt, David Williams, ChangeMgt, Susan McCleary, Don Drew, Vernard Brown, ITISP, SAIC, Chad Rasnick, Sec. of Administration