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New services are available for order in VITA's service catalog

To Agency Heads and AITRs,


I have good news to share with you as we start the new fiscal year. As of this morning, 19 new and enhanced information technology (IT) infrastructure services are available in VITA’s online service catalog under the multisupplier services model.


The turn of the fiscal year is always a busy time for agencies as we transition to new budgets and shift our focus to agencies’ new priorities. VITA, in conjunction with your agencies and our suppliers, has been preparing additional services and a new rate structure to support them for fiscal year 2020. These are important changes that positively impact your agencies. 


The new services available provide additional choices and flexibility to support your agencies’ missions and goals. Many of these services include service level options and rates. With our eight new suppliers, VITA plans to introduce additional IT services more frequently than we have in past years. Additional services are expected to be offered with the next releases planned July 10 and 24. You can view the services included in these release dates here.


We also made changes to the online service catalog, to make it faster and easier to locate VITA services and order what you need. We streamlined navigation, updated categories of services so that they make more sense and created order guides to ensure all the right information is collected up front to fulfill services more quickly.


In addition to the new services, VITA’s new rate structure is now in place. The new rate structure provides a deeper level of detail and spend transparency agencies requested to better meet business needs. VITA finance staff members met with agencies over the last two months to prepare for the rate transition, and they remain available to answer questions. You may request assistance from the finance staff by emailing Tom Nikles.


These changes represent important milestones in our efforts to mature our new multisupplier model for infrastructure IT services. We believe they demonstrate progress in providing agencies with additional flexibility, choice and spend transparency for IT services. We look forward to working with you as we continuously improve our services and offerings.


Nelson Moe