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VITA's multisupplier IT infrastructure model in place

To all agency heads and AITRs:


VITA completed the full launch of the new multisourced information technology (IT) infrastructure model at the beginning of this month. I am pleased with our progress to date and how your staff, VITA staff and our suppliers are working together.


This model provides immediate enhancements in IT services. It also provides a solid foundation on which to implement new and improved services as your agencies’ needs continue to be assessed. While full launch of this new model is a significant step, I realize there’s more work required to ensure VITA is offering the modern, agile IT services your agencies need. VITA will continue to seek your input to build on this solid foundation. Our goal is for VITA’s IT services to fully, efficiently and effectively support your agencies’ efforts to conduct the commonwealth’s business.


I shared some initial successes in March, but the implementation of the multisourced model and other efforts bring additional achievements I will share with you here.


·       ITFM tool rollout underway

VITA began a pilot last month, during which staff at your agencies could access the new IT financial management (ITFM) system to prepare for VITA billing. We will provide AITRs with more information on ITFM this week.


·       RFS timeframes are improving

When your agency submits a request for solution (RFS), we are responding more promptly. Coordination is improving when an RFS requires the efforts of multiple suppliers. We are monitoring RFS timeframes to continue to reduce the time it takes to move from the request to solution to implementation.


·       VITA online catalog in use, new services available

The new VITA service catalog is providing access to new and enhanced IT infrastructure services. The online catalog makes it faster and easier to locate VITA services and order what your agencies need. Rates for the services for FY20 are included. The new services provide additional choices and flexibility to support your agencies’ missions and goals.


·       Additional services will roll out

VITA plans to introduce additional IT services more frequently than in past years. We released new services July 110 and overnight last night.


·       Network upgrades continue

VITA is working with its network provider to upgrade the entire system across the commonwealth.


·       PC refreshes

The refresh of personal computers (PCs) had lagged under our prior supplier. After a restart of the refresh earlier this year, PCs, including desktops, laptops and tablets, are being replaced with new hardware and have had software upgrades across several state agencies.


·       ITISP nearing close out

The IT infrastructure services program (ITISP) has evolved from planning to move from one large, long-term supplier to multiple, shorter-term suppliers to operations under the new model. This means we are soon closing out ITISP. The majority of the tools and processes are in place and suppliers have been integrated. Some items not yet complete will be placed on punch list. We now will focus on services delivery and improvements.


Launching these services and working through the initial challenges is a tremendous achievement. It shows great commitment from your agencies, VITA staff and our suppliers to making this model successful. It also demonstrates the governance processes we have in place, which include input from agency representatives, are working. 


I appreciate the patience and support we have received from your agencies throughout this transition. We will continue to have some challenges, but I am confident that with your input we have the right model and team in place to overcome them. These services will continuously evolve and improve over time. I look forward to sharing more successes as we work toward a new era in information technology for the commonwealth.


Nelson Moe