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​IT financial management tool now available to agencies

Sent by CIO of the Commonwealth Nelson Moe:

To agency heads:


IT financial management tool now available to agencies   


I am pleased to report VITA has transitioned billing to the new information technology financial management (ITFM) tool. Finance staff at your agencies will now use ITFM as the system of record for technology billing and payment. 


ITFM was designed with input from your finance professionals. It provides additional transparency into IT spend, as requested by agencies, to better meet business needs. 


This new technology billing tool is a significant change for staff at your agencies but it also offers significant enhancements. The tool consolidates a number of IT bills into one bill that is easy to read, navigate, sort and organize. It also offers custom interfaces, reporting and drill-down capabilities to make it easier to research and reconcile invoices. Last month, we conducted a pilot, with training and support activities, to help prepare your staff for this transition. 


We appreciate the support you have provided as we worked with your teams to implement ITFM. We ask for your continued assistance as we address challenges, which come with a technology transition of this scale and complexity. We are committed to addressing them quickly and continuing to enhance ITFM with the new features and functions in the months ahead.


We appreciate your patience as we work toward a new era of IT for the commonwealth.