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PC refresh FAQs

FAQs – PC Refresh - Jan. 15, 2019

When will personal computer (PC) refreshes resume?

VITA and Iron Bow will resume PC refresh in late January. Initially, Iron Bow is the end-user support (EUS) service provider in our multisupplier model. They will use the existing process to perform PC refreshes. This is the same refresh process performed in the past using spreadsheets sent to agencies with refresh-eligible PCs listed by quarter. Agencies can expect to receive their first quarter spreadsheet in mid-January.

Iron Bow will begin using its new tools and processes to manage PC refresh more efficiently and create a better experience for agencies in the first half of 2019.

I have devices at my agency that are past their eligible refresh date need to be refreshed. What is the plan?

Devices will be refreshed across the enterprise according to the schedule in the Iron Bow contract.

Within individual agencies, prioritization may be slightly different from what they are used to as part of previous scheduling. This effort is focused on bringing the enterprise, as opposed to individual agencies, up to date. Geography also will play a significant part in what work is done when.

Why can’t I order premium devices from the new service catalog?

There are no longer devices called “premium” in the service catalog. VITA has authorized five devices be offered to customers. The devices fit into the current fiscal year (FY 2019) rates in effect until July 1. VITA cannot change rates mid-year, so only devices that “fit” into the existing rates can be offered.

If your agency needs devices with specifications that were previously categorized as “premium,” work with your business relationship manager (BRM) to submit a solution request in the new service portal.

What are the current approved devices?

Dell Latitude e5490
HP Elitebook 840 G5

Dell Optiplex 3060
HP Prodesk 600 G4

Surface Pro 6
Dell Latitude 5285 (until stock is depleted)
HP Elitebook x2 612 G2 (until stock is depleted)

What if my agency needs to order a device outside of the five approved between now and July 1?

If an agency decision is made to proceed with ordering a device outside of the approved device list, a solution request is required in the new service portal. The agency must pay up front the difference between the current rate and the post July 1 rate for all devices ordered.

VITA advises agencies, when possible, to wait until July 1 to submit orders for devices outside of the five offered to avoid a one-time, up-front charge.

When will the complete set of new devices be available in the service catalog?

VITA will introduce the full suite of approximately 25 device options on July 1 to coincide with the start of the new fiscal year.

What if I ordered a “premium” device prior to Dec. 15, 2018?

eVA orders placed prior to Dec. 15 and procured by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) when it was acting as the single infrastructure provider will be delivered as soon as they are received. eVA orders that were placed before Dec. 15 but not actually procured by SAIC will be rejected with an advisement to enter a solution request (if a device other than one of the approved five is required).

Additionally, Iron Bow is depleting reserve assets.

I have many PCs at my agencies running Windows 7. Will these PCs be updated to Windows 10 prior to the end of support of Windows 7?

There is a project to update all Windows 7 devices to Windows 10 before January 2020.

Why are there devices in the service catalog with older specifications?

Some device options are legacy purchased devices, which remain in stock. These devices are being evaluated for suitability of use.

What is the future refresh plan for PCs?

When an agency purchases a device after July 1, the agency will select from multiple options in the service catalog at the time of purchase (e.g., two-year, three-year, four-year device hardware life). These refresh options will provide maximum flexibility for agencies to meet their business needs. The refresh process also will be more automated and reduce the time spent on ordering and receiving new devices (e.g. no more spreadsheets).

When will the new PC refresh process begin?

VITA and Iron Bow will introduce a new PC refresh process in the first half of 2019. This new process will eliminate the need for spreadsheets and improve visibility for agencies into the refresh process.