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Frequently Asked Questions - Financial Management

FY20 Rate Questions

Where can I locate the FY20 rates?

VITA’s FY20 rates are available here. 

On July 1, VITA shifted the pricing structure for FY20 IT services to better support the new multisupplier sourcing model. You will notice many differences between the chargeback rates for FY19 and FY20. We have introduced a new pricing structure that provides agencies with transparency and a view into costs. Additionally, our new model allows you to choose the service level that best meets your business needs.  

Because of the new complexities included in this structure, agencies are encouraged to meet with their customer information technology administrators (CITAs, formerly CAMs) or a member of the VITA finance team to ask questions and ensure individual agency impacts are understood. VITA has not changed the pricing structure for IT services since 2010, and this change is necessary to properly recover IT costs under the new multisupplier services model. 

What is the one time line of credit (LOC) payment? 

The FY20 IT services rates are generally lower due to reduced supplier run rates. However, as part of our repayment of a line of credit, agencies will see a one-time chargeback to recover expenses associated with the disentanglement from Northrop Grumman. This is shown as a transparent one-time chargeback for FY20. 

How are fixed fees allocated? 

Fixed fees (such as supplier fixed fees or the LOC) are allocated to customers as a percentage of use. 

How do the FY20 rate changes affect my agency’s budget? 

VITA worked closely with the Department of Planning and Budget (DPB) to update the FY19 and FY20 budget based on VITA's forecast of FY20 IT usage and the aforementioned rate structure. The general fund share of each agency’s increase or decrease in funding, as a result of the new rates and/or change in usage, has been budgeted in central appropriations and will be allocated to agencies by DPB during budget execution. Please contact your DPB analyst with questions regarding changes implemented in your individual agency budgets. 

Whom do I contact if I have questions or issues? 

For questions about the rates, please contact Tom Nikles.

New ITFM Tool Questions

What is the IT financial management (ITFM) tool?

The IT financial management (ITFM) tool is a VITA billing tool that replaces "comprehensive IT goods and services" (a.k.a. "online billing" or "bill browser"), "mainframe services billing" (a.k.a. "smart cloud cost management (SCCM)" bills), and “miscellaneous bills.”

Agencies will receive one consolidated invoice* with drill down capabilities to review the details of all purchased goods and services. There will be one standardized dispute process for all purchases. All invoicing data* will be accessed via the Keystone Edge portal. 

*Note: Platform TEBS services will initially remain outside of ITFM. 

NEW What if some figures on my ITFM bill are different from what I had on the previous legacy bills?  

The new ITFM bill consolidates a number of bills into one comprehensive bill of IT. This consolidation will likely result in totals that are different from what you are used to viewing on your legacy IT bills.


If you are sure there is a difference between your legacy bills and the ITFM bill, please contact the ITFM team at

NEW Where is the data in ITFM coming from?

At the beginning of each month, ITFM will pull data from the multisourcing services integrator tool and the CMDB. Services and charges that are not tracked within the CMDB will be submitted by the service tower suppliers via data files.

NEW How and when do I access my monthly ITFM invoice?

To access the ITFM invoice, you will need to have received access to the ITFM application located at Log on with your COV account and password (you must be on the COV network to access this site). 

To view your current invoice, select the invoice in the left panel titled "Comprehensive Bill of IT Services" in the “Customer Chargeback Billing” section.

ITFM invoices will be available on the 13 business day of each month.

Who has access to the new ITFM tool?

The ITFM team pulled a list of all previous invoice points of contact for each agency. This list was then validated through collaboration between the business relationship managers (BRMs) and agency IT resources (AITR). The AITR, or an agency finance point of contact, then submitted tickets on behalf of the validated list of agency employees to request they receive access to the new tool.

If I do not have access, how do I request access to the tool? 

To request access to the new ITFM tool, submit a ticket to the VCCC with the following wording. To determine which AD group you need to request, send an email to

“Please add the COV accounts below to the AD group (insert AD group for your agency).” 


·         Agency COV account


·         Agency COV account


·         …….


The ISO for our agency who can approve this request is (provide name of ISO for your agency)." 

NEW How do I get support for ITFM if I have questions, issues or suggestions?

Navigate to the bottom of this page to view job aids and videos to help you with your ITFM bill. 

Long term support for ITFM is available via email to

Billing Dispute Questions

How do I submit a billing dispute to VITA?

The billing dispute form is housed in the VITA service portal. Navigate to the VITA service portal and select "create a new dispute" from the service catalog. 

A job aid and simple how-to video are available below to assist you. 

*Please Note: The billing dispute process for TEBS non-platform services remains the same. 

What happens after I submit a billing dispute via the service portal?

After a new dispute is submitted through the VITA service portal, it is researched and reviewed by the multisourcing service integrator (MSI), the relevant supplier, and VITA finance as necessary. 

If additional information is required concerning the dispute request or needed to validate and process the request, the MSI will reach out to the original dispute requestor. 

How will I be notified when the dispute is resolved?

When the dispute is resolved, the original dispute requestor will receive an email communication with the details of the dispute findings and the billing month the appropriate credit will be issues, if applicable. 

We are working on an enhancement to send the dispute findings email to additional finance contacts at the agency, but at this time the email will only be sent to the person that filed the dispute.

What happens if my dispute is denied?

If the dispute is denied or canceled, the original dispute requestor will receive an email communication with the details of the findings and the applicable reason the dispute was denied or canceled. 

NEW How can I see the other disputes within my agency?

At this time the dispute is only visible to the person that filed the dispute. We are working on an enhancement to allow agency employees to see all disputes within their agency. In the meantime, please reach out to the dispute team via email at to receive a report of your agency’s disputes.

NEW Can I dispute related issues on a single dispute? 

If the disputes are directly related, we encourage agency employees to dispute more than one asset per dispute. You can do this in the comments section of the dispute form or by attaching a file.

Whom do I contact if I have questions or issues?

If you have any system issues or questions, please contact the VCCC,, (866) 637-8482.


Support and Live Training Schedule

See below for the resources available to assist you in ITFM:

  • Summer 2019 live webinars with VITA finance. These virtual calls were designed to provide vision and context for FY20 and the new ITFM system. View the slide deck presented during the webinar sessions here.

  • Direct email access to the VITA finance team. You may contact the VITA finance team directly at with questions about your bill.

  • Additional training support. Short step-by-step training videos are available above in the “Quick Reference Guides/How-To Videos” section. Additional job aids and the presentation from the ITFM training class are also available in the training knowledge base on the VITA service portal. If you were not able to attend training and are interested in attending a make-up class, please contact the MSI training team at

  • Classroom training presentation:

    View the slide deck presented during summer 2019 ITFM classroom training sessions here.

VDN Platform Billing Transition

VDN Platform Billing Transition

What changes are coming to my VDN platform services bill?

With the launch of VITA’s new FY20 services to agencies, the TEBS system is no longer capable of supporting voice and data network (VDN) platform invoices and customer bills. Therefore, VDN platform services will no longer be billed in TEBS.  

What services are VDN platform services?

VDN platform services are all services provided through VITA’s voice and data network supplier, Verizon (includes Webex, UCCaaS, virtual communications express (VCE), secure cloud interconnect (SCI), secure gateway, managed services, etc.). Non-platform VDN services (i.e. cellular, broadband, VITANet services, legacy voice services) will continue to be billed in the TEBS system. 

How will I receive the bill?

The bill will be provided via email in both PDF and Excel versions. Support, detailed below, is available to help you review and process your VDN platform bill.  


  • Live VDN billing webinars with VITA finance. These virtual calls reviewed the transitional bill and answered questions. Click here to review the slide deck presented during these one-hour presentations
  • Direct email access to the VITA VDN billing team. You may contact the VITA VDN billing team directly at with questions about your VDN platform services bill.