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Frequently Asked Questions - Multisupplier Model

What is the new multisourced IT Infrastructure environment?

The new multisourced IT infrastructure environment is a next-generation sourcing model to provide the commonwealth with innovative technology products and services now with the ability to adapt in the future. The model leverages multiple suppliers in more flexible, shorter term contracts. One supplier, known as the multisourcing service integrator (MSI), is SAIC. The MSI is responsible for managing the other suppliers and reporting to VITA.

Why are we moving to this new model?

The new multisourced IT infrastructure model allows VITA to offer high-quality, uninterrupted, secure, agile services at cost-competitive rates with transparency for customers and suppliers. The model diversifies the state’s portfolio of suppliers which improves service delivery quality and ensures market rate costs. It allows us to take advantage of new technologies in the rapidly changing world of IT because we can introduce a new supplier at anytime. We are entering the next-generation of IT services for state agencies.

How was this model created?

As VITA began to prepare for the end of the Commonwealth IT Infrastructure Agreement in 2015, VITA knew it needed a new sourcing strategy to meet our goal to modernize the state’s technology infrastructure and provide best-in-class customer service.

VITA engaged Integris Applied to review the current model and determine recommendations for the future. Integris involved a large number of stakeholders through surveys, 90-minute interviews with 60 agency heads and IT leaders, input from a cross-agency steering committee, and requests for information from 29 suppliers and various others in state government.

Integris delivered the final recommendations, which included:

  The commonwealth should adopt a multi-supplier model with a services integrator through a competitive bid

  VITA should create a governance model to manage the new services delivery model

  VITA should increases agency involvement in the governance model

The launch of the new multisourced IT infrastructure environment represents years of hard work by many VITA, agency, and supplier stakeholders.

New Services Overview

When the new multisupplier model launches new innovative technology products and services will be available to the commonwealth and previously paused activities, like PC refresh, will resume. Check back here for more information soon.