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Project management

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Frequently Asked Questions - Project Management

What is the new Keystone Edge project portfolio management tool?

The Keystone Edge project portfolio management gives you full visibility from idea to execution. Project prioritization and planning is simple, and you can track planned and unplanned work in one place. With agile management, testing, and collaboration tools, you'll improve productivity and service delivery.

With visibility into all your demand, resources and project portfolios, you can better align your efforts with your corporate strategy, work faster, and enhance resource allocation across every project.  

What is the benefit to moving to Keystone Edge project portfolio management tool?

Agency project managers (PM) will be able to access the project plans themselves and drill down to view status and various details. PMs can pull various reports, gaining a transparent view of the status of their project and have an interactive portfolio-level view of all project milestones.

Is this tool replacing the Commonwealth Technology Portfolio (CTP)? 

No, this will not replace CTP. The new Keystone Edge system will enable agency employees to have visibility into the MSI infrastructure project schedules that support agency projects as well as the project plans for infrastructure projects (for example, operating system upgrades for all agencies). It is important that your agency personnel, particularly project managers and AITRS, learn how to use this tool as it is going to be the agency's responsibility to incorporate this information into their own IT planning.