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How are clearances for VITA's suppliers tracked and managed?

Starting Dec. 15, VITA supplier personnel and affiliates are tracked in a security clearance database.

How can I see a current clearance list for my agency?

ISOs and AITRs are authorized to request the data. To obtain the current clearance list for your agency, you may place a request with the service desk either by phone, or through the new VITA service portal.

What information is stored in the security clearance database?

Basic data is tracked in the security clearance database including an individual’s name, organization, manager, agencies supported and similar. 

How long will it take to receive responses to clearance requests?

Typically you should receive a response the same business day. If you require immediate information on an individual, call the VCCC for immediate data lookup. 

How do agencies receive approval requests for VITA's suppliers? 

Agency approvers will receive and approve service tower suppliers access requests through the new VITA service portal. 

Who is responsible for submitting the clearance requests for each supplier? 

Each supplier must assign an ISO and may assign an access authorizing official (AAO). Access requests related to agency controlled access are made by the supplier ISO or AAO. 

For access requests that are not tracked in the access forms, such as physical locations, the supplier ISO or AAO will request directly to the agency.

How can I find out who the supplier ISO or AAO is?

At any time an agency ISO or AITR may request the current service tower supplier ISO / AAO list through the VCCC service desk. 

How do I deny or remove a clearance?

If you wish to deny or remove a specific individual, please contact and

What is coming in 2019? 

Clearance management will move to a new identity access management tool, currently planned to be released in late first quarter 2019.