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Frequently Asked Questions - Service Portal

When will the new customer service portal be available?

Dec. 15, 2018

What is the new customer service portal?

The new customer service portal allows you to get your IT needs taken care of fast! You can search the knowledge base to see if anyone else is having the same issue, you can submit a ticket to have your issue fixed, check on the real-time status of your ticket and update the information if needed, or you can submit feedback.

Can I still call or email the Virginia Customer Care Center (VCCC)?

Yes! You can always call (866) 637-8482 to report an outage* or request service or email the VCCC at

*Please note: Email should not be used to report critical issues or outages impacting an agency. To report a critical issue, please call the VCCC directly.

How will I access the service portal after go-live?

Access the service portal by navigating to the VITA support page and clicking the service portal link. You will be logged in automatically using your COV account credentials. 

Will VCCC/VSM customer portal still be available? 

The VSM customer portal is no longer be available. All open tickets were migrated from VSM to the new VITA service portal. After Dec. 15, all new tickets will be submitted in the new VITA service portal.

What benefits does the new VITA service portal bring?

The new VITA service portal provides a user-friendly web-based portal for agency employees to easily request for help or a new IT service or IT-related item. The requests are automated and go directly to the designated IT team. The users have access to a  knowledge base (a collection of articles) to help users to help themselves in finding solutions to resolve common issues at their own convenience. 

Which internet browsers does the service portal support?

It supports all major browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Do I need to download the new VITA service portal?

You do not need to download the new VITA service portal. The VITA service portal is accessible only from a web browser. 

How do I enter a self-service ticket? 

Log in to the service portal. Click on the "Report a Problem" icon. Complete the self service form.

In my agency, we have multiple designated AITRs. Which one is the AITR approver?

The AITR approver will be the individual in the agency who has the designated AITR role. To confirm who this individual is, please look here. If an agency wishes to have multiple people with the AITR approver role – individuals can be added to the AITR approval list on a per agency basis, by request.

What should I know about the service portal and catalog?

Welcome to the new VITA service catalog! It includes all VITA services found in the previous catalog, plus some new additions. Here is a summary of the major changes:
  • Account requests and changes are now part of the catalog, and may be requested in the COV Account Request category.
  • Security services previously found throughout the catalog have now been gathered together into a new “Security Services” category.
  • Mainframe and server services: The category has been divided into three new service families: “Mainframe Services,” “Server Services” and “Storage Services.”
  • Telecommunications services: A number of the services previously ordered via TEBS or by work order have now been added to the catalog (some under “Voice and Video Services” and others under “Network Services”). Note that TEBS should still be used to order telecommunications services that are not included in the catalog.
  • eVA: Many items that used to be ordered through the eVA procurement system will now be provided by one or more of VITA’s primary suppliers. These include, for example, desktop, laptop and tablet personal computing (PC) devices, printers, copiers, RSA tokens, SSL certificates and PowerPath. These have been added to the catalog and should be ordered via a service request, not through eVA. (Note, however, that computer accessories and desktop peripherals that do not come bundled with a PC should still be ordered in eVA).
  • Other catalog needs is a new category serving several purposes. It may be used for:
    • Placing a general service request if you can’t find what you are looking for after searching in the catalog.
    • Requesting adds/moves/changes for an entire location, such as an office move or renovation.
    • Submitting a “request for solution.” Solution requests typically involve complex orders for multiple services, or they may be used to ask VITA to add a new service or revise an existing service.
Users are encouraged to browse through the catalog to become familiar with the categories and listings. You may also search for catalog items using the “Search Service Catalog” bar. In many cases, service-specific automated forms have been provided to make it easier to place a service request.

Please follow your agency’s internal process for requesting and obtaining agency approvals for ordering catalog IT services from VITA prior to submitting your service request in the service catalog. (Catalog requests should not be entered into eVA). After the service request has been submitted in the service catalog it will be sent to your agency information technology resource (AITR) or information security officer (ISO), for their approval. Approved orders will be processed in the service portal and sent to VITA for review and fulfillment.

Links are also provided in the upper left bar of the main catalog page for items that will continue to be ordered outside of the VITA service catalog. These include TEBS telecommunications services, eVA items (such as computer accessories) and items ordered directly from statewide contracts.