Incident Fulfillment and Change Management

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the transition from VSM to Keystone Edge?

To ensure the transition to the new tool goes as smoothly as possible and does not impact agency operations, VITA is tentatively shifting the go-live date for Keystone Edge from Nov. 9 to Nov. 21. We believe this will allow for more thorough testing and time to validate proper migration of legacy data. We have selected Nov. 21 to take advantage of historically low call volumes prior to the holiday weekend and to avoid conflicts with Medicaid expansion scheduled Nov. 17.

Why can't we migrate to Keystone Edge on Nov. 9?

VITA began transforming data from VSM earlier this week (Nov. 5) to get it ready to transition into Keystone Edge. Those migration activities are taking much longer than expected, reducing the amount of time remaining to complete testing and make sure everything was moved over accurately. To ensure we can thoroughly test the data and make sure it migrated properly, we need to shift the go live to another date.

Why was your estimate on how long it would take to transition this data not correct?

We are transitioning more legacy data than we originally anticipated. As we worked with agencies to understand how they use VSM to run their businesses, we identified additional data that needed migrated to support agency applications.

Additionally, our original plan was to feed data back and forth between VSM and Keystone Edge through integration. We had to adjust that plan to a full migration when we discovered the VSM software was nine versions out of date and did not support integration.

What if we didn't move the old tickets?

We need to migrate more than 292 million rows of legacy data tracking back to Jan. 1, 2017, to support a number of agency applications that use this data to provide services to citizens of the commonwealth and to ensure accurate billing.

How much longer is it taking the data to transform?

Normally, a migration of this type would take 24-36 hours. We started the migration on Nov. 5, and it was still running as of Nov. 8. We believe it will take seven-10 days to complete. This migration requires us to restructure how the data is formatted so that it can flow back and forth between various agency applications. This restructuring takes longer for our tools to process. In a normal transition, we would not create this type of a data flow and migration would take less time overall.

What types of legacy applications need this data?

The applications include PARS and more than 1,300 reports that feed various agency applications and services to citizens of the commonwealth.

Will this impact the full transition to Keystone Edge scheduled for Dec. 15?

At this time, we don’t believe this shift will impact the Dec. 15 timeline.